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Spray Tanning 

Our Norvell Master Certified technician provides a custom spray tan with a personalized session each visit. During your spray tan you can expect a flawless application within 15-30 minutes, including consultation and drying time. The results can be expected to last 5-7 days. With Norvell sunless tanning solutions, you will leave with a natural, golden glow!

Single Session | $30

Package of 3 | $75

Add On's:

Hydrofirm Spray | $5

Talc Free Drying Powder | $5

Before & After Care:

Step 1 | Exfoliate

Gently exfoliate 24- 48 hours before your session. This step is the key to the longevity and even fading of your spray tan.

Step 2 | Day of

The day of your session, please do not wear any lotions, oil or perfumes. Remove makeup and deodorants before your tan. Also, be sure to wear loose fitting clothing, preferably in a dark color.

Step 3 | After care

DO NOT get wet for at least 6 hours after your appointment- this will cause streaking. Please wait 24 hours before your first shower. If you must shower before the 24 hours, please wait at least 6-8 hours. Your first shower should only be a warm water rinse- soap will interfere with the tan development. When you shower; the cosmetic bronzers in the solution will wash away, this is not your tan! 

We offer Norvell color enhancing products to help extend your tan!